An indigenous consumer healthcare company that prides itself in the production, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, KUKA Consumer Healthcare limited (KCH), is introducing into the Nigerian market its first brand of food supplements. Elyseewoman according to the company’s Executive Director in charge of Advertising and Promotions, Mrs. Yetunde Ukah, provides all round nutritional support for women. The product is the first in a range of the company’s health-promoting and disease-preventing food supplements. Health Editor, MORGAN NWANGUMA recently had a chat with Mrs. Ukah – wanting to know why KCH has chosen to venture into nutraceuticals, and more. Excerpts:

First of all what is the nature of this partnership with Elysee Inc?                    

               We have a working agreement with the American firm which is based in Mississippi, to market the Elysee range of nutraceuticals. These are health promoting products or food supplements, and Elyseewoman is the first in this line. The product is already registered with NAFDAC and there are other products in this range that are at various stages of registration that will later be introduced into the Nigerian market as well. Thus KCH is in this partnership having the sole marketing authorisation to distribute Elysee products throughout Africa; we are here in Nigeria, and later we will be covering Ghana and West Africa, and then the rest of Africa.

Why has your company decided to venture into Nutraceuticals?

First of all Nutraceuticals are functional food supplements; they are health products that are capable of boosting your immune system and thereby promoting health in general. Nutraceuticals also contain disease-preventing properties and by their actions, are able to sustain you and see you through the stress and rigours of daily activities especially as bothers on busy or working class men and women of this present age.

Why Elyseewoman – a health product strictly for women?

This product is just what the (Nigerian) woman needs; the product provides all-round nutritional support for women. You know that women go through a lot: Apart from the regular monthly period during which the woman loses blood, she also goes through a lot of stress trying to look after the home-front while working hard to add to the family income, and so on.  All these put together makes it inevitable that the average woman will certainly require this extra pep to remain in top shape. And so Elyseewoman is a product formulated with the modern woman in mind; it is produced for women with the heavy demands of modern living.

Earlier you mentioned that your product is also an immune booster for the woman; what really makes Elyseewoman tick?

We know that it is very important that the woman’s immune system is in top form otherwise she will be easily susceptible to infections and sicknesses due to the stress of her daily routine as I mentioned before. And so making sure that her immune system is in top condition is a daily requirement, and Elyseewoman does just that. Moreover, Elyseewoman is a comprehensive daily multivitamin specially formulated for the specific nutritional needs of women all over the world; it is a necessity for every woman. Elyseewoman provides support for specific areas of health which are of most relevance to women. It is the ideal product for the women folk in that it is indicated for the maintenance of a healthy and active lifestyle for women; it is also needed for normal functioning of the nervous system, hormonal balance and regulation, red blood cells formation and the boosting of haemoglobin in the blood. If I may go deeper into the pharmacological contents of this product, I want the women out there to note that Elyseewoman contains a spectrum of micronutrients for all-round nutritional support for women – which include vitamins B6, B12 and iron. These components of course contribute in no small measure to the regulation of hormonal activity, normal formation of red blood cells, proper energy release and optimal immune system function. Its major benefits also include the reduction of stress and fatigue as is vividly present in our daily life.

There are a few other products in the market that claim to do exactly the same things for women; how do you think your product can perform in the market – you have so much competition?     

The truth is that we are set to take over the market and nothing else. With the high potency of our product and the level of acceptance it is currently generating, and backed by years of international clinical research, this clearly places it at an advantage above all others. The comprehensive Elyseewoman formula is well balanced to supply micro nutrients and vitamins within required quantities; the product is therefore well tolerated and side effects are unlikely to occur with its usage. However, the product is not advisable for use by women who have a known history of sensitivity or allergic reactions to the product or any of the ingredients that it contains. Apart from that the product is just a winner any day, and I can assure the women that this is the daily companion they have been waiting for.

What else do we need to know about Elyseewoman?

It is very important to observe precautionary measures while using Elyseewoman in that Elyseewoman is not to be chewed or taken more than once in a day. In addition, it must always be taken with food; that is the way you can ensure you get the optimum nutritional benefit from this health product. I must not fail to equally point out to our ladies that Elyseewoman alone does not ensure you are getting all that you require from your diets; it is very important you understand that you take your meals in their varieties. And so you should always note that a balanced diet is important for a healthy lifestyle and this must be maintained in order for you to enjoy the full benefits of food supplements such as Elyseewoman when you combine it with your regular balanced meals. But again, a balanced diet does not necessarily mean that you must spend much to achieve this; it is just a question of knowing what to buy and how to maximally utilise your available minimum resources.

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